Start paying taxes correctly and also find out if you are entitled to a tax refund

Tired of feeling...

That maybe you are not doing things correctly?

That the Spanish tax system is very complex?

That the language is an overwhelming barrier?

That inheritance tax in Spain can be a high percentage of the assets to inherit?

That buying a property in Spain could mean being the owner of an illegal home?

Hello, I am Silvia Fernández

We know how you feel, the same as Peter, the founder of our company did, when back in 2008 was not able to put his tax affairs in order in Spain because he could not find professionals who understood not only the Spanish Tax System, but also how to fix it together with the English Tax System.  Also in my case, I am Silvia Fernández, and as an inmigrant I felt very insecure having to face in a new tax system.  That is the reason we joined our strengthes and created this project, with the purpose of providing the British community residing in Spain with the peace of mind of introducing them into the Spanish Tax System, as well as processing their tax exemption in the United Kingdom.   Our goal is that in plain English, we can explain and provide our clients with the necessary peace of mind of knowing they are doing things right, and that the language is not a barrier, but the opportunity of opening their hearts to a new culture.

Today the team has grown and we are accompanied by Michelle, Adriana, Pamela, Athena and Marlén, together with the same goal of providing with the best service to our clients!

We will do it using the Method: 

Taxes in plain English.


The same one we implemented thirteen years ago, and tested by more than 1,400 clients who put their tax affairs in order with our help, with lots of them receiving a tax refund.


Our mission is that the service we provide has a positive impact on our clients' lives, by understanding the Spanish tax system, and how it will affect their personal finances.


Taxation is part of life, we pay taxes on our income, when we buy or sell a house; we also do it when we inherit, donate or make a Will that will have tax implications on our heirs.


Therefore it must be explained in plain English. A phone call, an email, or a meeting, will give the peace of mind required to start paying taxes in the right way.

Whom we aim to assist:

People who are afraid of paying taxes in Spain ...

Who do not quite understand the Spanish tax system...

With the feeling of not being paying tax correctly ...

And who are paying tax in Spain and the United Kingdom, without the knowledge that there is an agreement between both countries to avoid double taxation ...

That have a Will because they were told that it was important to have one in Spain, but they have no idea what their heirs will pay when dealing with the inheritance process...

Those who either want to buy a property or already own one, but have the permanent doubt of the legality surrounding the dwelling in Spain...

And mainly to everybody who wants to understand the way they will pay tax in Spain, the same way they understand the English tax system.

If you are interested in putting your tax affairs in order, which will allow you to put aside the uncertainty caused by not knowing if you are paying taxes correctly, leave your contact details in the enquiry form on the page, and we will contact you. In just one telephone call you will understand that paying taxes in Spain as a British national with income from the UK is not so complex if you do it with the support of a company specialized in the agreement to avoid double taxation between both countries, and at the same time you will find out if you are eligible for a tax refund.

Due to the work load, we will attend the requests in order of arrival so, if you are determined to put your tax affaires in order, and at the same time to find out if you are eligible for a tax refund, please fill in the form with your details.

Testimonials and Press:

With thirteen years of experience behind us, we have been present from the very beginning in the English newspapers, held seminars up and down the Spanish coast and also inland, from Valencia to Malaga, and also inland, taking our method to all the areas where the British community residing in Spain are established. We have also been to London, meeting with HMRC to explain the difficulty their fellow citizens face, when upon settling in Spain find many problems when carrying out any type of process related to taxation. We established in the said meeting the necessary links to work hand in hand with the British tax authorities allowing to sort out our clients' tax affairs.

“Any Brit paying tax in Spain would be wise to check out the double taxation relief.  I saved a fortune.  And I got a fair deal on the deductions from from the CGT on my Spanish house sale from Uk Tax Refund SL.  Wouldn’t be happy elsawhere.  Clever professional stuff.”

  Mr Mercer, Retired UK Lawyer.

“I have been dealing with your organization for at least 13 years.  During that time you have handled my Spanish national taxes, UK taxes and international property movements.  On many occasions, you have on my behalf, navigated through the many rules and laws affecting taxation.  All these transactions have been handled honestly and without delays or difficulties.  I wouldn’t hesitate to entrust my financial affairs into your hands.”

  Mr Willis.

“It gives me much pleasure to assist this company in promoting their business as I have always found them extremely helpful and efficient.  Anything you are in doubt about, they are quick to sort out.  Appointments are adhered to and any visits are met with a friendly smile.  They are always “on the ball” and, of course, they speak your language putting one at ease.  I can thoroughly recommend them.”

  Mr Miller.


Well… no, unfortunately we cannot choose, there is an Agreement signed between both countries, which explains how to pay taxes depending on the type of income.

There is currently an Exchange Information Agreement to which most of the countries have agreed to, whereby if you live in Spain, it is likely that your country will send the information regarding your annual income to the Spanish Tax Agency. All this is done to avoid tax fraud.

Due to the fact that the source of income can be different, and not all of them must be declared in the same way, it may be the case of two people who, having similar annual income, end up paying very different figures each.

This will depend on whether the beneficiaries in a will, of assets in Spain and in the UK, is a resident in Spain or not.

Our success rate is 100%, and we will only charge you if your exemption claim finalise with success.


       You will find answers to all of this and more in our explanatory videos and blog posts, which you can access through our website.

Now that you have found out about us, would you like to know how you can work with us so that taxation in Spain will stop being a problem for you?

Complete the form below with your information, by clicking on "CONTACT US" and one of our advisors will shortly contact you.

A telephone coversation will be enough for you to see how we can help you to put your tax affairs in order. And even more important, see if you are entitled to a tax refund.

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law 3/2018 December 5, we inform you that your data has been included in our files registered in the AEPD.  You can excercise  your ARCO rights by writing to UK TAX REFUND S.L., C/ Gabriel Miró 1 (Apdo de Correos 407) 03560 El Campello (Alicante).